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Cuttings art by Jaime Zuverza / hi-res here


Green & Copper art by Matt Doughty / hi-res


Brothers Marc and John Beaudette / hi-res


photo credit: Campbell Parish / hi-res


photo credit: Campbell Parish / hi-res

John Beaudette - bass, guitar, melodica
Marc Beaudette - drums, percussion 
Zack Brines - organ, piano, clavinet, rhodes
Kellee Webb - vocals, percussion
Sean Acker - guitar
Andy Bergman - sax, flute
Brian Paulding - trombone



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Flying Vipers emerged from a basement lair outside Boston Mass in 2015, releasing a couple cassette EPs worth of raw yet highly melodic dub (The Green Tape and The Copper Tape). Entirely produced on an antiquated 4-track cassette recorder and mixed live by Jay Champnay of 10 Ft. Ganja Plant, this amateur equipment is wielded by seasoned pros as their songs mutate with a keen sense of classic JA sounds and post-punk experimentation.

Typically a 7-piece unit live, the core quartet of twin brothers Marc & John Beaudette on drum & bass (Destroy Babylon, The Macrotones), Zack Brines on keys (Pressure Cooker, Kings of Nuthin'), and Kellee Webb on vocals (Destroy Babylon) have 20+ years in the New England scene, sharing the stage with legendary reggae acts from around the world, including Burning Spear, Lee "Scratch" Perry, the Skatalites, and Hollie Cook, among many others.

-- -- --

2017 saw the band release a vinyl 45 on Jump Up Records featuring Jamaican legend Johnny Clarke, as well as a Cassette Store Day exclusive EP, The Shadow Tape on Music ADD.

The band embraced their punk roots by covering all of Black Flag's first EP in heavy dub style (2019's Nervous Breakdub) on the 40th anniversary of the original release.

In February 2020, the Vipers may have been begrudgingly prophetic when they released the single "Two Twenties Clash", as shortly after the world turned upside down dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. While in quarantine, they released a couple reworked dubs as Pandemic Versions.

Flying Vipers released their first full length album, Cuttings, in July 2020 on Jump Up Records. Featuring 12 instrumental tracks, Flea Market Funk called it "one of the top reggae records of the year." 

After returning to live gigs throughout 2021-2023, the Vipers are now wrapping up a new LP that features lead vocals from Kellee Webb in addition to their ace rhythm and horn section, set for release in 2024. Stay tuned - the best is yet to come. 




"Dragon Snout" (2:33)
from The Green Tape

"Alone for a Long Time (ft. Jay Champany)" (3:20)
from The Shadow Tape


Live clip - Vipers cover Mighty Diamonds' "I Need a Roof" 8/3/22



"...having been recorded on cassette really is a testament to great engineering. All of the classic sounds of dub are here... [they've] studied their craft and their predecessors and put every ounce of themselves into this project.  This record is outstanding, and I think you will agree."
-Rootfire interview (March '22)

"...a record that we have been keeping on heavy, heavy rotation...  one of the top reggae records of the year."
-DJ Prestige, Flea Market Funk (Nov. '20)

"Darting, shaking, vibrating sounds scramble the mind off repetitive, tip-toeing basslines, organ/piano, and rock steady horn blasts... Close your eyelids and sway; this absorbing, echoey juju is like a smokeless contact high!"
-Jack Rabid, Big Takeover Magazine (Issue #87, Nov. '20)

"Cuttings will leave a permanent mark on you and undoubtedly take a special place in your record collection."
-Thoughts Words Action (Nov. '20)

"Flying Vipers have one of the coolest names in reggae. Of course, having a great name makes no guarantee that the music will follow suit. In this case, it does. Drop the crystal on their new vinyl, Cuttings, and instantly be transported to a cramped, concrete bunker in Kingston, Jamaica."
-Rootfire interview (Oct. '20)

Reggae Podclash video review w/ Roger Rivas & Man-Like-Devin (Oct. '20)

"...indebted to the Jamaican engineers of the 70s who pioneered the heady sounds of dub... would make you believe this was a lost relic from the dawn of the genre."
-New Commute (Oct. '20)

"Boston’s Flying Vipers have produced a dub long-player made with feeling, and with a respectful and healthy nod of appreciation to the form’s originators such as Scratch, King Tubby and Augustus Pablo. The use of space echo, stark soundscapes and authentic instrumentation, all pulled together using the desk as an instrument itself, marks it out from other digitally produced modern releases."
-We Are Cult (Sept. '20)

"Cuttings, of course, refers not only to the leaves that have been harvested from cannabis plants, but these musical fruits of the band's labors in the studio--and they have one bounteous crop here... If you haven't been paying attention to this band, Cuttings is a brilliant introduction to the mighty Flying Vipers; and if you have, you're going to love this album."
-Stephen Shafer, Duff Guide (July '20)

"With their relaxed-confident rhythms and cool embellishments of sparkling keys, they can cool down the body and mind."
-The Deli Magazine (Jun. '20)

"...grimey and bouncy dub cuts that would sound at home coming out of King Tubby’s very own speakers."
*Selected for 2018 Most Anticipated Albums*
-The Pier Magazine (Jan. '18)

"Flying Vipers' Copper Tape is most likely the best new dub release you'll hear all year."
-Stephen Shafer, Duff Guide (Apr. '17)

"Forget that 2017 just started and time travel to King Tubby and Augustus Pablo’s music era with this heavy dub." (Jan. '17)

"Instrumental dub in the definitive Lee 'Scratch' Perry style... Green Tape feels impeccable, so full of pot's contact high sensations, that you could get stoned."
-Jack Rabid, Big Takeover Magazine (Issue #77, Oct. '15)

"Destroy Babylon Returns Incognito and in Control of the Dub as The Flying Vipers"
Review + Interview - (Oct. '15)

"The Flying Vipers' Green Tape contains six fantastic tracks of tangibly warm, vibrant, and crisp dub instrumentals with great melodies--earworms, really-- that will move your body and elevate your mood."
-Stephen Shafer, Duff Guide to Ska (Sept. '15)

"...beautiful sax takes "Coffee Kush" to higher heights, while the mesmerizing "Tape Hiss" has great appeal due to the gentle sound of the melodica... it's obvious that it has been made with love and care."
-Reggae Vibes (Sept. '15)




Shadow Tape

Cuttings (ADD050, 2020)


Shadow Tape

The First Two Tapes (ADD039, 2018)


Johnny Clarke Meets Flying Vipers

Johnny Clarke 45 (ADD035, 2017)


Copper Tape

The Copper Tape (ADD034, 2016)


Green Tape

The Green Tape (ADD031, 2015)



08.03.22 - w/ Burning Spear @ Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Hampton NH

04.10.22 - w/ Easy Star All-Stars @ Sonia
Cambridge MA

03.12.22 - w/ Void Union + Dave Hillyard @ Aeronaut Cannery
Everett MA

09.25.21 - Fluff Fest w/ Black Helicopter, The Macrotones @ ONCE
Somerville MA

08.13.21 - Green Woods Festival
w/ The Meditations, Carlton Livingston, Jesse Royal
Brunswick ME

07.25.21 - w/ Skatalites, Third World @ Bernies Beach Bar
Hampton Beach NH

06.18.21 - Papa Michigan @ Revival Brewery
Providence RI

11.08.20 - @ Looney Tunes Records
Allston MA

10.17.20 - @ Pipe Dream Brewing
Londonderry NH

05.12.19 - w/ Dub Trio, Destroy Babylon @ Middle East Upstairs
Cambridge MA

03.24.18 - w/ Hollie Cook @ ONCE Ballroom
Somerville MA

10.24.17 - w/ Lee "Scratch" Perry @ MIddle East Downstairs
Cambridge MA

02.24.17 - w/ Big D & the Kids Table @ Paradise Rock Club
Boston MA

10.22.16 - w/ The Macrotones @ Lizard Lounge
Cambridge MA

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